About Us

Connoisseur Wines and Spirits is a fully licensed Agency specializing in fine wines and spirits. Our company was established in 1966 in Toronto, Ontario and was initially focused within the Province of Ontario. As the Canadian consumer's taste evolved and the L.C.B.O. increased its focus on fine wines we sought out exciting and new products to introduce to the growing sophistication of consumers throughout Canada. Currently we represent over two hundred Wineries, Distilleries and Breweries from around the globe.

Connoisseur Wines and Spirits bring our suppliers products to the Canadian market with a knowledgeable consultant and marketing team and through sub agents in the Atlantic and Pacific Provinces. As a service oriented organization we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, helpful and focused, our approach to the wine market is through effective marketing.

With promotional activities, such as, wine and fine food shows, expositions, corporate and educational wine tasting events, restaurant wine list recommendations, web and media communications, we continue to grow our existing suppliers offerings and attract new partners and products for our markets. Our goal is to enable consumers and licensed establishments to share in our passion for fine wines and spirits by offering a diversified listing of high quality products at excellent value.

Our consulting and marketing services for products in Canada includes General List, Vintages, Specialty Stores, Consignment Warehousing and Private Order.